Delightful checklists within tickets

A checklist app for Zendesk tickets. Tickler is used by agents to manage multiple tasks in series.

Installation: Zendesk Marketplace

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Tickler introduces checklists to Zendesk. Manage standard tasks/procedures with preconfigured checklists (AKA todo lists). Your agents can also create one off checklists for a ticket.

Tickler can be pre-configured with checklists relating to common issues your agent have to address. Specific ticket tags and/or ticket field values are defined to make the appropriate checklist appear within tickets. This means Tickler will spring into action based on a field selected by the agent or end-user.

Tickler list items can be configured to set tags and field values when they are ticked. This may in turn trigger our Fork app to create sub-tickets. By combining Fork and Tickler you can build powerful workflows. 

  • On-the-fly list creation

  • Pending & Skip statuses

  • Save pre-configured list for re-use

  • Prevent ticket solve until list complete

  • Multiple checklists per ticket

  • Agent can add comments to list items

  • Workflow: Auto-activate saved lists depending upon fields / tags

  • Checklist actions can auto-update ticket fields

  • Integrates with our Fork app


  • Highly configurable
  • Any number of standard checklist templates
  • Sequential & non-sequential checklists
  • Enable & disable any of Tickler's features
  • Create & alter checklists on the fly
  • Multiple checklists per ticket
  • Ticking a checklist item can change a ticket field
  • Integrates with our Fork app