Delightful checklists within tickets

A checklist app for Zendesk tickets. Tickler is used by agents to manage multiple tasks in series.

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Tickler introduces checklists to Zendesk. Manage standard tasks/procedures with preconfigured checklists (AKA todo lists). Your agents can also create one off checklists for a ticket.

Tickler can be pre-configured with checklists relating to common issues your agent have to address. Specific ticket tags and/or ticket field values are defined to make the appropriate checklist appear within tickets. This means Tickler will spring into action based on a field selected by the agent or end-user.

Tickler list items can be configured to set tags and field values when they are ticked. This may in turn trigger our Fork app to create sub-tickets. By combining Fork and Tickler you can build powerful workflows. 

  • On-the-fly list creation

  • Pending & Skip statuses

  • Save pre-configured list for re-use

  • Prevent ticket solve until list complete

  • Multiple checklists per ticket

  • Agent can add comments to list items

  • Workflow: Auto-activate saved lists depending upon fields / tags

  • Checklist actions can auto-update ticket fields

  • Integrates with our Fork app

" We are very happy of having found this app... "

We had a request from one of our support teams to be able to implement a procedure / checklist for specific enquiries so that they could follow up a determined list of activities based on the request. Our partner suggested this app. They had already been using it with another client, and gave us very good feedback. We installed the trial and could see that not only the app allowed us to define and monitor the process, but as well to fulfill another key requirement that was to automate / integrate some tasks / applications within the procedures, in order to speed up the process. We have been able to do that by using the automatic execution of macros and hyperlinks for accessing some other applications that were needed to fulfill the ticket. On top of this, the Lovestock & Leaf team has always been available and ready to help us whenever we have had any question or issue. They are as well totally opened to add new features to the app and keep improving it constantly. We are very happy of having found this app and we are sure that Tickler will allow us to give a step forward in the use of our ticketing system with a relevant added value. Thank you Lovestock & Leaf team!

Marta Garcia
Médecins Sans Frontières, Barcelona


  • Highly configurable
  • Any number of standard checklist templates
  • Sequential & non-sequential checklists
  • Enable & disable any of Tickler's features
  • Create & alter checklists on the fly
  • Multiple checklists per ticket
  • Ticking a checklist item can change a ticket field
  • Integrates with our Fork app