Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Pin important comments and make flexible internal notes

Make important notes about a ticket, in highly visible, rich text fields, instead of losing them in internal notes.
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  • Logged notes [NEW]
  • Pinned comments
  • Smart notices
  • Action buttons [NEW]
  • Highly visible notes with Rich text editor
  • Field descriptions
  • Zendesk field support and data portability
  • Flexible field management
  • Expandable editor window
  • Advanced styling


  • Logged notes [NEW]: Timestamped and agent-attributed logging of notes with customizable editing permissions
  • Action buttons [NEW]: Create buttons that can trigger Zendesk macros and open URLs in new tabs
  • Clone objects [NEW]: Duplicate and move objects across locations
  • Pinned comments: Pin and highlight important ticket comments to prevent loss in lengthy threads
  • Smart notices: Craft custom notices with support for placeholders and Liquid markup, allowing dynamic display and manipulation of organization, user, and ticket field values in various conditions
  • Highly visible notes: View/edit important notes in the sidebar. Show/edit organization and user fields from within tickets.
  • Rich text editor: Customizable WYSIWYG/rich-text editor for notes
  • Field descriptions: Enhance agent understanding by adding instructions above and below the field, and helper tooltips revealed by hovering over an info icon
  • Data portability: Store notes in custom fields for connectivity with other apps, Explore and easy export
  • Zendesk field support: Support for all field types
  • Flexible field management: Utilize multiple fields for varied note purposes, controlled by Zendesk administrators
  • Expandable window: Expand and edit note in a larger dialog for increased visibility and ease
  • Advanced styling: Style fields to stand out or blend-in based on importance and data type

In the dynamic world of customer support, keeping track of every detail matters. That's where Sticky Notes comes in. Sticky Notes is more than just an ordinary Zendesk tool - it's an essential aid in navigating the complexities of ticket management. Designed for everyone from support agents to QA professionals, this clever app makes managing ticket data a breeze.

Straightforward and effective ticket management

Gone are the days of digging through uneditable notes. Sticky Notes keeps crucial ticket details within easy reach. With new features like timestamped note logging, customizable action buttons, and the ability to clone objects, it's all about giving you control and clarity.

Keep what's important in view

Sticky Notes does more than just store information; it helps you highlight what matters. Pin those critical comments, craft notices that adapt to your needs, and keep all essential notes visible at all times. It's about making sure nothing important gets lost in the shuffle.

Rich Text Editor: More than just text

The Rich Text Editor in Sticky Notes is a significant advantage for those who focus on details. It goes beyond simple note-taking by allowing agents to create notes with style and complexity, including hyperlinks and diverse formatting options. This ensures that every note is not just informative but also visually engaging and well-organized.

Customize to fit your needs

Every team has its own way of working, and Sticky Notes gets that. Store your notes in custom ticket fields, integrate with other apps effortlessly, and tailor the app to fit your team’s specific processes, whether that’s handling general queries or managing specific aspects like sales.

A companion for every Zendesk user

Whether you're an agent jotting down quick notes or an administrator configuring the app for your team, Sticky Notes is designed to be your companion in enhancing ticket management. Its expandable window and advanced styling options ensure that no matter the complexity of the ticket, your notes are always clear, accessible, and in sync with your workflow.

Experience how Sticky Notes can transform your Zendesk experience with our 14-day free trial. It's available for everyone, including sandbox accounts. Step into a world where ticket management is organized and efficient, and see why professionals in various roles choose Sticky Notes.

For a deeper dive into everything Sticky Notes offers, check out our detailed user guide. And if you’re looking for something tailored, we’re just an email away at Whether it’s about scaling up or finding the right setup, we’re here to help.

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