Strawberry Fields

Fancy fields forever

Improve the UX and efficiency of your helpdesk with punnets of extra ticket field features, like sliders, tiles, buttons, dates, currency, rich text descriptions, read-only fields and injected CSS.

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The Strawberry Fields app allows you to greatly improve the UX (user experience) and workflow of your customer forms.  It does this by adding extra features to Zendesk's standard ticket fields. Improving the UX of your forms increases the efficiency of your helpdesk. Strawberry Fields will make everybody happy!
Combining our Field Marshal app with Strawberry Fields gives you a fully featured form builder within Zendesk. Allowing you to have the forms you want and not settling for the form you're given.
Help Center / Guide
Strawberry Fields provides the following features to the customer Help Centre:
  • buttons - convert drop-down options to a set of buttons
  • add css & class - apply inline css or classes to elements, their labels and their wrapper
  • currency field - convert a number field to a currency field (adds currency symbol inside the field)
  • date field - convert a text field to a date field
  • Rich text description - present HTML version of description field
  • description only - present HTML version of description field and hide the field itself (good for explanation text)
  • disable field - disable a given field
  • hidden field - hide a given field
  • range slider - convert a number field to a slider
  • hide search text - search a set of fields for some text. This will hide the fields which don’t include the searched for text
  • searchable drop-downs - make some or all of your drop-down fields searchable
  • tiles - convert a set of options to button-like tiles with optional embedded descriptions and icons


  • Fancy fields like sliders, tiles, date, currency...
  • Make any ticket field read-only (ie. disabled).
  • Rich text descriptions.
  • Combine with Field Marshal to give you a fully featured form builder.
  • And nothing to get hung about.