Organize your ticket views, bookmark tickets and access them fast

Quickie is a handy top bar menu that gives you quick and convenient access to all views, from anywhere within Zendesk. It can dramatically improve the efficiency of your agents when accessing views.

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Quickie will make your agents efficient and happy. It gives them the fastest means of accessing ticket views.

With Quickie, agents can browse and search all your ticket views in a categorized list from anywhere within Zendesk.

Quickie's search is instant and powerful, which makes finding the view you want amongst possibly hundreds of views is quick and painless.

Personal views can be organized together with other views or placed in a separate folder. This personal views folder can be renamed and set to display at the top or bottom of the list.

Quickie now allows you to bookmark tickets. Tickets bookmarked in Quickie can quickly and conveniently be accessed from anywhere in Zendesk, just like views.

Quickie also integrates with our popular Lovely Views app. With both apps installed, you can easily configure Quickie to open views in Lovely Views instead of the regular views interface.

Please refer to the user guide for how to use Quickie.

" Quickie PLUS is a must-have for any organization... "

Quickie PLUS is a must-have for any organization which utilizes a variety of views to segment out requests more efficiently. It's great for agent accessibility, workflow consistency, and will save your admins' sanity from the madness of constantly rearranging views to fit in the left panel's top 12. This version also loads *much* faster than the previous free one (loading time for my 100+ views completes in ~25% of the time now) and allows the panel to be pinned so you can navigate through your list with ease. The L&L team is extremely helpful and responsive, too. A+ work, all-around.

Matt Savage
Sr. Program Manager
Workflow Automation

" Quickie is a key app for our agents... "

Quickie is a key app for our agents. When you have hundreds of views and thousands of agents, you need to be able to navigate quickly. This has been a great app to address a limitation we faced with the basic Zendesk views.

Pierre Lazarus
Program Manager
Global External Tools

" When looking for an opportunity to simplify... "

When looking for an opportunity to simplify our use of Zendesk, we came across the Quickie PLUS app. It is the most intuitive way for our agents to navigate across views and our team's efficiency has dramatically improved since we started using it. Additionally, the team at Lovestock & Leaf have offered unparalleled customer support every step of the way, responding quickly and concisely to any question we've had. Their generous support of our effort to provide much needed classroom materials to teachers across the U.S. is tremendously appreciated.

Dan Blum
Director, Customer Support


  • Fast access to all views from anywhere within Zendesk.
  • Easily organize views in a tree-like folder hierarchy.
  • Display personal views together with other views or separately.
  • Keyword search helps agents find views instantly.
  • New! Quickie now allows you to bookmark tickets. Jump to specific tickets quicker than ever.
  • Displays the special 'Suspended' and 'Deleted' views, based on agent permissions.
  • Integrates with our powerful Lovely Views app