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Adds many extra features and enhancements to Zendesk's standard Views and Search.

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If you've got lots of Zendesk ticket views to manage or you want to be able to sort by multiple columns from within a view, then you've come to the right place. Lovely Views does this and much more to provide a powerful enhancement to the Zendesk agent views functionality.

The standard views list in Zendesk shows an agent 12 shared views. To access the rest of the views, your agents need to click on "More", which is inefficient and takes them away from the views environment. Lovely Views changes this by listing every single view that is available to your agents. It also allows the views to be categorised into hierarchical folders to make the views more orderly and easy to find. This makes it easy for your agents to quickly access the views they require while always remaining in the views environment.

Lovely Views works with the Zendesk method of adding "::" in between each view category when naming them. For example, "Agents::Louis Armstrong::All Unsolved Tickets" would provide you with the view you see in the screenshot for that particular agent with each level being displayed as a drop down collapsible menu.

Your agents can also conduct searches within Lovely Views and have the results presented within a view/table which makes the search much more powerful and efficient. You can save searches to quickly reuse in the future.

The bulk edit in Lovely Views is more flexible than standard Zendesk bulk edit. It can do things that can't be done in standard Zendesk bulk edit.

When merging tickets, Lovely Views provides various alternatives to the standard Zendesk merge.

Once you've experienced Lovely Views, you'll wonder why we didn't call it Spectacular Views! :)


  • Fast access to all views via the hierarchical views list.
  • Use up to 3 different fields/columns to sort view results. Sort fields can also be saved.
  • Integrated search, allowing search results to be treated as a table view, so they can be dynamically sorted, bulk edited, merged and more.
  • Save searches for later use.
  • Alternative ticket merge feature that inserts all comments into a single ticket.
  • Extra bulk edit features.
  • Enhanced ticket preview.