Field Marshal

Regiment your form fields

Easily the most powerful and flexible conditional fields solution for Zendesk. Provides more features than anything else. Create forms for customers and agents to any level of complexity and provide the best possible UX.

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Field Marshal is easily the best conditional fields solution for Zendesk. Its features and support are superior to all alternatives. 

Field Marshal handles conditional fields management for both the end-user request form and resulting ticket in the agent view of Zendesk. By using Field Marshal you can turn your Zendesk request form into a powerful form builder.


Based on the end-user's field selections, the conditional logic provides the capability to show or hide fields, options within a drop-down field (aka select field),  and even the submit button . This allows you to better manage what information your customer is asked to provide on your support site and tailor the form specifically to their needs.

On the agent side, your agents will only see fields and options that are relevant to the ticket/issue they are currently working on. This will also help prevent the agent from making mistakes if they are also required to fill out ticket fields.

Enhanced field types

Field Marshal comes bundled with our Strawberry Fields app which enhances the standard Zendesk ticket field types by providing specialized widgets. It also has the ability to disable ticket fields (ie. make read-only), therefore preventing your agents from changing fields set by your end-users.


  • Highly configurable
  • Conditional fields
  • Unlimited form and conditions complexity
  • Runs on both the customer request form and the agent ticket view
  • Adds extra field types to the forms (eg. Date calendar, ranges, buttons and more)
  • Disable fields by making them read-only
  • Hides the submit button until form is filled out correctly
  • Integrates with our Strawberry Fields app to provide the best possible UX to your customers and agents
  • Integrates with our Cuddly app to provide the best possible UX to your agents