Bubbly FREE

Good times & great company

Agent-to-agent group chat / shoutbox.
Instant messaging for agents built right into Zendesk.

Installation: Zendesk Marketplace

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Bubbly introduces instant chat for agents, allowing your agents to get instant answers/results from other agents. Bubbly is located within the Zendesk agent portal and more tightly integrated with Zendesk than any 3rd party chat systems can provide. And it's free!

When an agent posts a chat message, all of the other agents will receive the message. If an agent doesn't have the Bubbly chat panel open, they will see a notification on the Bubbly icon informing them of how many new messages have arrived. When an agent is mentioned in a chat message they will receive the standard Zendesk pop-up notification displaying the message to them.

Bubbly is perfect for making general annoucements to all agents, for crowd sourcing answers amongst agents, and for adding some light hearted discussion to the day (depending on your company's policy regarding fun).



Bubbly FREE can be installed free of charge from the Zendesk Marketplace:

  1. Log into your Zendesk as an administrator
  2. Go to Admin (cog icon) > Apps > Marketplace
  3. Find "Bubbly FREE" app and click the icon
  4. Click "Install app" button
  5. No need to make any configuration changes at this stage, except for perhaps checking "Enable role restrictions?" and giving access to "Administrator" only. This way the administrators can road test the app before opening it up to all of the agents.
  6. Click "Install" button


  • Allows agents to instant message all agents
  • Self contained within Zendesk, no 3rd party system required for agents
  • Handles images, URLs and ticket number links
  • Maintains a session based chat log
  • Mentions can notify users
  • It's completely free!