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Super quick access to categorised ticket views. Quickie is a handy top bar menu that gives instant access to all views at all times from anywhere within Zendesk.

Installation: Zendesk Marketplace (instructions below)

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Quickie will make your agents efficient and happy. It gives them the fastest means of accessing ticket views. With Quickie, agents can browse and search all your ticket views in a categorized list from anywhere within Zendesk. Quickie also integrates with our popular Lovely Views app

Quickie's search is instant and powerful. Finding the view you want amongst possibly hundreds of views is quick and painless. 

The personal views folder can be renamed and can be placed at the top or bottom of the list. Personal views can also be mixed in with the shared views rather than placed in a seperate folder.

The upcoming version of Quickie will introduce Zendesk bookmarks and expose other nooks and crannies within Zendesk, including the People lists, organizations and reports.

So if you fancy a Quickie, you can head to the Zendesk Marketplace and get one!


Quickie can be installed free of charge from the Zendesk Marketplace:

  1. Log into your Zendesk as an administrator
  2. Go to Admin (cog icon) > Apps > Marketplace
  3. Find "Quickie" app and click the icon
  4. Click "Install app" button
  5. No need to make any configuration changes at this stage, except for perhaps checking "Enable role restrictions?" and giving access to "Administrator" only. This way the administrators can road test the app before opening it up to all of the agents.
  6. Click "Install" button


  • Organize views in folder hierarchy
  • Fast access to all views from anywhere within Zendesk
  • Keyword search finds views quickly
  • Option to mix personal views with shared views
  • Place personal views folder at top or bottom of list
  • Integrates with our powerful Lovely Views app
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