Stick it in your Zendesk

If you’re looking to extend Zendesk into a more powerful workflow tool, then you can’t go past the Fork app to manage multiple tasks in sub-tickets.


Requires Zendesk "Professional" plan or above.

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Fork introduces "sub-tickets" to Zendesk.

Fork can be pre-configured with sets of sub-tickets relating to standard issues. Specific ticket tags and/or ticket field values can be configured to automatically trigger the creation of the sub-tickets.

Fork can also be used by agents to create ad hoc sub-tickets on the fly, by creating new tickets and attaching existing tickets. The parent ticket can be used to monitor the progress of its child sub-tickets. Sub-tickets can be auto-assigned to groups, or specific agents. Additionally a light agent or 3rd party vendor can be set as the requester of the sub-ticket to facilitate seamless notification and interaction with your support team.

Eg. Ticket request: “Please prepare for concert”

Parallel tasks required:

  • train performers
  • make costumes
  • organize venue
  • organize front of house refreshments & merchandise

Fork can be configured to automatically create a new sub-ticket for each of these tasks and assign it to the appropriate group or agent. The progress of all of the sub-tasks can then be monitored from the parent ticket.

Fork integrates with our Tickler app, by showing the progress of Tickler lists within sub-tickets. Tickler items can also be used to automatically trigger Fork sub-ticket sets. By combining Tickler and Fork you can setup very complex workflows.


  • Manage an unlimited number of sub-tickets from one parent ticket.
  • Automatic creation of predefined sub-tickets.
  • On-the-fly creation of sub-tickets.
  • Add new tickets as sub-ticket and attach existing tickets as sub-tickets.
  • Involve multiple agents & 3rd parties/vendors simultaneously on a single request.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Integrates with our Tickler app.
  • Enables powerful workflow.

Requires Zendesk "Professional" plan or above.

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